Day 82…

What an unbelievable month of excitement it has been on our trip round the world. Just when you think you have seen the most spectacular thing EVER, you find yourself at the foot of Mount Everest gazing up in wonder and awe at the tallest peak in the world. We had travelled nearly 6,000 miles to reach the foot of Everest and although it seemed to be beckoning us up to its summit, we reverently acknowledged its presence and progressed onwards.

We are so excited to have been joined on our trip by Maidstone Rugby Club! Finally able to be back together again and training hard, they have joined us in our challenge which will certainly help us complete the journey sooner than we had expected. We are looking forward to lots of adventures ahead with them. A few hundred miles leaves Nepal and Everest in our “rear view mirrors” and we pass back through a “sticky up corner” of India and on into Bhutan.  The terrain is mainly steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers that form deep valleys before draining into the Indian plains. Elevation rises from 200m in the southern foothills to more than 7,000m. This great geographical diversity combined with equally diverse climate conditions contributes to Bhutan’s outstanding range of biodiversity and ecosystems. We were thrilled to learn that Bhutan has enforced a plastic bag ban since 1 April 2019! They produce red rice which is exported widely to North America and Europe.

We cross back into India again – take a look at the shape of that country, it is not just the long downward pointing triangle that we thought it was, but takes plenty of twists and turns in its North East region. See how it sneaks through between Nepal and Bangladesh?

We traverse the MIGHTY Brahmaputra River (nearly 2,400 miles long) at Assam, enjoying some very fine cups of tea from the region! The colours and smells are just wonderful to drink in – it is quite an experience for the senses!

We leave India – for the last time – and head across northern Myanmar. Not a place to spend too much time right now given the current military coup, but we virtually crossed it and headed onwards to our first taste of China!

Seven thousand seven hundred miles since we set out on 1 February 2021, we reach Hong Kong! What a change from the vast open spaces we became accustomed to in Assam, the Himalayas and even Myanmar! Hong Kong is a busy, bustling, heaving, densely populated place…but OH the food!!!!