Day 50…

We are over 5,000 miles into our journey round the world! Not quite a quarter of the way on the route we have mapped out but getting towards that milestone. It all feels like we are a VERY long way from home now. The familiarity of Europe is some way behind us and this is really feeling like an adventure, visiting places we have never even heard of, let alone dreamed of travelling to and through. Brushing the desert sand off ourselves, we get to the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent.

Tashkent is a modern, safe, cosmopolitan city and it is a wonderful place to get to know! Here are a few photos to show off the city. The food shown below is called Plov – the national dish of Uzbekistan, it can be served vegetarian or with chicken, goat, beef or lamb. However you choose – it comes with a huge fat baked bulb of garlic at its heart!

We drop south now, out of Uzbekistan into Tajikistan, navigating stunning scenery, mountains, national parks….breathtaking stuff! Having said that, it is pretty unforgiving territory and perhaps not a route you would do for a Sunday afternoon stroll – but hey, this is our VIRTUAL journey and we can plot any route we choose!

We reach the Indian region of Ladakh. Over the years this region has been fought over by Pakistan and China! We climbed high – over 10,000 feet where the oxygen definitely felt thinner and we saw wild animals that we only ever imagined seeing in a book or in a zoo! The Hemis National Park is magnificent …..Ever onwards though, trekking purposefully with China on our left and India on our right! Mighty Mount Everest will be waiting for us soon! Join us on our journey whenever you can.