Day 17…

It is the middle of our half term break. We have lots of people on our journey round the world and we have seen some wonderful sights since leaving Nancy in France (the place Nancy you understand….NOT the person Nancy!). We have now travelled 1,335 miles in total and are between Zagreb and Belgrade, but more of those places later. There is much to report from other places and countries before then. These are all the people on our journey….

Can you spot your name?

We made our way through the stunning Parc Naturel Regional des Ballons des Voges and on to Munster in France seeing many different types of flora and fauna and some gambolling goats which was great fun. Munster has some wonderful Tudor age buildings, some incredible churches and of course most excellent cafes and restaurants many of which we tried as we passed on through.

We crossed the border between France and Switzerland at the Rhine River, going into Basel. Following a tiny detour to enjoy the noise and power of the river at the Rhine Falls, we journeyed on down to Zurich. A city set on the banks of the river, where we saw HUNDREDS of people swimming in the river and breathed in delicious and new sights all around.

The terrain across Switzerland was tough going! Unsurprisingly, lots of mountains and snow. Totally incredible scenery and distant views of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. We needed lots of food to keep our energy up and Switzerland did NOT disappoint. Can you guess what the number one is on the list of top ten foods you must try……? Click here to watch a video and see if you are right!

We crossed the border into Italy at the foot of Lake Como. The weather was perfect for a swim! We were totally enchanted by Lake Como and the people and everything that this place had to offer. It was so exciting to be somewhere new after a year of being trapped in our homes! The video (click here) gives a lovely taste of the area. It was hard to move on from such beauty, but …. to Milan we went.

A wonderfully diverse place of ancient and modern; a giant horse sculpted by Leonardo Da Vinci; crazy fashion; stunning opera and of course ICE CREAM!!!! Already 835 miles from Loose but oh BOY, does this feel like it could be home….

We headed due east out of Milan following our noses through Brescia, south of Lake Garda, to Verona, Vicenza, Padua and then to the sparkling canal city of Venice. It would be impossible to choose a favourite place….the wine is divine; the pasta is pretty good too!

We reluctantly left Italy and made our way across Slovenia, passing through the capital – Ljubljana. It took us quite some time to decide how to pronounce the name of this city…it turns out all the “J”s are silent….Loo-Blee-Ya-Na! Wonderful to learn as we travel! Spot the incredibly delicious cream slice – a delicacy of this amazing country!

We crossed over the border into Croatia. We missed out on the emerald green and deep blue seas and the pale yellow sandy beaches, but imagined them as we walked and ran and cycled along. The place names we saw in Croatia were fairly unpronounceable but we did our best to follow the route and not go astray! Fortunately an amazing 70% of Croatians speak English. Croatia is very low and flat on the route we followed and we saw acre upon acre of arable farmed land and long ribbon villages. By the end of day 17 and 1,335 miles travelled we were right on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina!