Day 8…

Many more people have joined our Round The World Challenge – we have now completed 438 miles, reaching Nancy in France, on our journey towards the French / Swiss border! Along the way we were enchanted by the town of Amiens – click on the name here and discover more of its charm!

You know we are eating and drinking the most delicious things on our trip don’t you? It’s all part of the “challenge”! We want to immerse ourselves in the different countries and cultures along the way. We are stopping into churches and museums and little shops. We are chatting to all the local people – our French is BRILLIANT! We had to stop in Beauvais, you may wonder why you recognise the name? It’s twinned with Maidstone! We learned about a wonderful thing called a Cronut….invented by the Beauvaisien, Dominique Ansel, you guessed it, it’s a croissant / donut. Dominique now lives in New York, so we may have to pay a visit to him when we reach that far into our challenge!

It is about 50 miles from Beauvais to Paris and the stunning Eiffel Tower was there to beckon us in. What a magical city, and, because of the building controls in Paris, the Tower will always dominate the Paris skyline as you can see in the pics below. It is keeping a watchful eye on all the French quarters below! There was SO much to do and see in Paris….we couldn’t do everything. The Champs Elysées; the Louvre; the Arc de Triomphe; a quick trip to Versailles; Tuileries Garden…..aggghhh! Onwards….

The town of Nancy is about half way from Paris to Zurich and a fabulous place to visit. If you like the Art Nouveau style, there is plenty to be seen at the Ecole de Nancy. A few glasses of local Moselle wine and we were on our way again….