Day 148…

It seems like an eternity since we saw land but on day 145 we finally landed on America’s west coast! San Francisco in California welcomed us with open arms! It could just be that we have been at sea for so long, but oh WOW – San Francisco is AMAZING! There is so much to do and see….it’s a really popular tourist destination and is known for its cool summers, it’s bizarre fog (see the photo below), steep rolling hills, and the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is here – now a museum. San Francisco is also the headquarters of companies such as TwitterAirbnbLevi Strauss & Co.Gap Inc.Dropbox, and Uber. Like the city of New York on the far east coast, the roads and streets are set out in a reassuring grid system.

We enjoyed and absorbed as much as we could, but there is still a lot of land in front of us until we make our way back out over more sea from Newfoundland. Thank you to EVERYONE who is still sending through huge numbers of miles walked, run and cycled. This is a real team effort that is getting us around the world on our virtual Team Challenge! The next two weeks are super double up weeks, so every mile donated will be doubled – we really want to get the last 7,000 miles done by the end of term and if we double up our miles over the coming 2 weeks, we should definitely manage that goal! Can you imagine how fun it would be to do this in real life one day? Now THERE’S a fundraising event waiting to be organised!

De-mist-ifying the Fog: Five Fun Facts | Golden Gate National Parks  Conservancy
Fog engulfing the Golden Gate Bridge