Lucky Lottery Balls is a monthly draw which pays out cash prizes each month! For the sum of £25 per year, you will be allocated a number which will be entered into the draw. As the number of players increase, so the prize fund will increase (see below). The next round of Lucky Lottery Balls will start on 1 September, 2021 and the first draw will take place once at least 100 numbers have been sold.

Any supporter of our school can play (provided you are over 18).

Lucky Lottery Balls Rules – established January 2019

Lucky Lottery Balls is a private society lottery which sells tickets / numbers to the Members of the Friends of Five Acre Wood and Grow 19 (FoFAW&G19). Under the Constitution, Members are defined as the “parents, guardians or carers of any pupil currently attending school, teaching and non-teaching staff employed by the school and any person over the age of 18 who wishes to offer appropriate support or help to the school”.

Profits from the numbers purchased are continuing to support various projects in 2021/22:-

  • The purchase and equipping of a sensory double decker bus
  • Ongoing funding for new minibuses
  • A hoist for the sensory garden
  • A house in Snodland
  • The Branch – a cafe and retail outlet in Allington

If, during the period of the lottery, funds are no longer needed for these campaigns, the profits may be used for any other school project being fundraised for by the FoFAW&G19 under the Objects of the Association.

  • The cost of a ticket (number) is £25 for the year. Members may purchase as many numbers as they wish
  • Number(s) will be drawn on the first working Tuesday of each month (apart from the first draw of the season – see above) in front of a minimum of 20 Members. There will be a double draw in July as there will be no draw in August. First prize for the double draw will be £80 and £50 for the second prize if there are up to 120 numbers in the draw. And increasing amounts as per the list below if there are more than 120 numbers in the draw
  • The winner(s) will be contacted by email / letter
  • The monthly prize(s) will be paid by cheque or BACS transfer
  • There will be no rollover
  • There will be no refunds once numbers have been entered into the draw
  • Unsold numbers after the first draw of the session takes place will be sold at the overseers discretion

Prizes are as follows:-

Up to 120 numbers in draw – £40 first prize and £25 second prize

120-129 numbers in draw – £45 first prize and £27 second prize

130-139 numbers in draw – £48 first prize and £30 second prize

140-149 number in draw – £52 first prize and £32 second prize

150+ numbers – £55 first prize and £35 second prize

Lucky Lottery Balls is overseen by Alexandra Meaders – Fundraiser at FAWS and run by the Friends of Five Acre Wood and Grow 19 (charity no. 1153151). Click here to email Alexandra and request a number.