The funding is complete! Thanks to True Colours Trust, the Kent Community Foundation, and a combined members’ grant from Sarah Hohler – the trampoline is being installed over the summer holidays in 2020 ready for the students on their return in September!


There was no trampoline available to the 130+ students at Five Acre Wood Snodland. It is well documented that the action of bouncing on a trampoline is intrinsically beneficial to children with SEN.

Bouncing offers great physiotherapy benefits for those with low muscle tone who need to maintain and build their core strength. This is because trampolines encourage the participant to constantly correct their balance when jumping and landing. It also helps with co-ordination which has been linked to learning and neurological development. 

Freedom to play and move unaided is often something that children with special needs can be restricted on when participating in many physical activities. A sunken trampoline can go some way towards offering more scope for unassisted play as there is no need for a carer to assist in getting on and off a trampoline.

Frustrations that can build up in students with SEN can be “bounced” away, leading to improved mental well-being and also improved readiness for learning. All of our students will benefit from this simple but incredible resource.

We need to raise £6,500.00 for this resource. So far we have just under £2,400.00 but with applications out for the balance. We’ll let you know as soon as reach target! If you can help with a fundraiser, please get in touch….