Sensory is everything to our children…. touch, smell, sound, taste or visual sensations. Outside in our sensory garden, in this magically organic project, constructed by so many supporters and funders, our children’s senses are fully engaged. The breeze rustling the leaves on the trees; walking along the brick path from the central hub to the the sand area; feeling the water trickling along the log flume stream; the smell of the grasses. Our sensory garden is an area of calm.

We had some fabulous volunteers in from Santander who created the central hub from where all the sensory paths would lead:-

….with the help of Network Rail, we created a beach…..

….add some help from Greggs…..

….bring back more volunteers from Santander….

….then bring in Sainsbury’s…

Next we wanted to build an “above ground tunnel” covered in a grassy bank, so a quick shout out on Facebook and the fabulous company “Naylor” up in Barnsley were our fairy godmother and donated a length of double walled tubing – EXACTLY what we need for the next phase of the garden.

The Sensory Garden is really starting to take shape! THANKS to EVERYONE involved!