We all know how frustrating it is to get to school bright and early to get a good seat for the school play or concert or production only to find out other people got there EVEN EARLIER than you and you are now stuck back in row 9 and have NO HOPE of seeing your child.

We can help solve this problem by getting some staging for our students to use. We have researched several companies and have designs for staging that will be usable by all our students. Following our Harvest Festival Celebrations, back in October 2018 an incredibly generous family donated £1,000.00 to get the ball rolling with this project.

Fast forward a couple of months………

We are truly delighted that our brand new stage is now here and delivered! Used for the very first time at our Nativity plays, it will get years of use and enjoyment. So many thanks to the Smith and Thwaites family – the stage is called “Stanley’s Stage”