Welcome to Thor and Loki – our foster goats from Buttercup Goat Sanctuary!

July 2021


It is quite unbelievable that this project has had to be on hold for so long. Over the past year, we have all had to adapt and change so much and that goes for all the lovely animal plans we had for the school. We still do not have any animals on site – our students are not allowed to access shared facilities and it is of course our number one priority to keep them and our staff community safe!

But animals will be coming…we have been in communication with our funders to ensure they are kept up to speed with developments (or lack of them over this past year!) and they are being supportive and understanding. In the meantime, there has been a suggestion of alpacas joining us in The Yard……!!!!! We’ll just leave that hanging there for now…….


The Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020 brought EVERYTHING to a crashing halt the world over. It also meant that our two ponies – Zara and Bubbles – were unable to move in and become part of our community. However, the yard and paddocks sit waiting for them and as soon as we are safely able to have them and look after them, they will be moving in. They will also be joined by Henry and Nigel – two GORGEOUS goats that we have adopted from the Buttercups Goat Sanctuary.


To ensure you can bring a project to life, you need bucket loads of passion and enthusiasm for it! This project seems to have found that passion and enthusiasm in many people very quickly!

We are going to bring two “termly boarding” ponies to our site in Loose where they will become part of our fabulous school community: assisting with therapy work; bringing a sense of calmness and happiness to our most sensory students; teaching our older students important and transferable life skills.

We are delighted to have received financial support from the following sources:-

Combined Member Grants from KCC Councillors – Paul Cooper, Shellina Prendergast, Dan Daley, Eric Hotson and Rob Bird.

Grants from the Vanquis Social Impact Fund and the Petteridge Fund via the Kent Community Foundation

Our wonderful supporters at Gallagher Group and Challenge Fencing supplied concrete and hardcore and fence posts and timber and gates and…….all at a fabulously discounted rate.

Work started on site in early summer 2019. With Lloyds Bank providing a veritable army of volunteers over a two week period, they transformed part of our garden into a yard, school and paddock. See the transformation here:-

The ponies are due to come to us as soon as the weather (and amount of daylight!) improves after the Easter break in April 2020. We will require ongoing funding to support the day to day expenses of having the ponies here. If you can support the ongoing costs of this project in any way, please do get in touch with our fundraiser – Alexandra Meaders on ameaders@five-acre.kent.sch.uk