“Peggy has lost Tim and Rich…” has been published! Click here to email our fundraiser, Alexandra Meaders, and order your copy NOW!

Back on March 4, 2021, we celebrated World Book Day! Of course, this being 2021 it all had to be virtual, but a fabulous day was had by all and we had some brilliant authors online, talking to and reading stories to our pupils. The classes all decorated their classroom doors with different book titles….

We had the idea for the pupils to become authors and write their own book. Entitled “Peggy has lost Tim and Rich…” it is a funny story of adventure and discovery as Peggy goes in search of the missing Headteachers – helped, on every page, by the students and therapy dogs! The book will be published on Friday 25th June 2021 and, containing 76 full colour pages, will be on sale for £10.

Here is a draft copy of the cover – all illustrations have been done by our super talented students!