After more lockdowns and delays…..we have a brilliant sparkly new hydrotherapy pool! It was handed over to us on March 19, 2021! The most incredible job was done by the whole project team to deliver this building under some pretty trying circumstances. We are planning a grand opening ceremony for September 30, 2021…


The impact of the Coronavirus meant our site was closed for the build for 8 weeks. It was immensely frustrating, but of course more important that everyone remained safe and healthy. Work re-started the moment the government gave the go-ahead and we are now looking at a completion date of mid – end of November 2020.


THIS was the BIG project! We needed to raise £1,060,000.00 to build a resource that is essential for so many of our students. Our campaign “Create a ripple…MAKE A SPLASH!” was launched at the beginning of 2018 and raised nearly £100,000.00 by engaging the local community – staff, parents, businesses, organisations, schools…


You made a HUGE SPLASH! 

We received the support of a major donor:- The Cullum Family Trust have made a substantial donation which. A further £400,000.00 came from Kent County Council. We are hugely grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation, the Peter Harrison Foundation and the Edward Gosling Foundation for their amazing contributions. The secured funding has ensured that this essential resource is now becoming a reality.

Building work commenced on 6 January 2020 – it was an incredibly exciting day! As were the days and weeks that followed. There are loads of pictures and videos on our Facebook page which narrate the story of the build so far.

The photo above is hydrotherapy pool build DAY 1! January 6, 2020. The brown shed houses the old, grotty, broken, unfit-for-purpose pool.

The photos below show some of the progress, not quite in sequence, but the last one (bottom right), peering in through a window, was taken in early September 2020.