We have many projects underway. These are some of the really exciting things we are fundraising for right now. If you are able to help fund any of these projects or can contribute in any other way to bringing them to fruition, please do get in touch.

Sensory Pod for FAW Palace Wood

A sensory Double Decker play bus

Fun and Active Playgrounds...

Let’s Write A Book!

The Yard

Sensory Garden

Grow 19

House in Snodland

Minibus fund

The Branch Cafe

Completed projects – some projects are organic and are therefore never truly  “completed”. The ones listed below no longer need active funding but will always be ongoing in terms of maintenance and the fact they are in use!

Equipment for a multi sensory room

A Hydrotherapy Pool

Sunken Trampoline

Mobile Sensory Unit

Music therapy equipment

School Radio

School Staging

Memory Garden