We applied to be Sainsbury’s Larkfield and Loose Road stores’ Charity of the Year. All the charity applications were whittled down to 3 per store by the store staff and then the public voted – either in store or on line. We were just delighted to be successful in both stores and are now working alongside their charity and store managers to raise both profile and funds.

We had a great launch weekend in August 2018 over 3 days. We set up camp in the foyer of Sainsbury’s and met and chatted to as many customers and staff as we could.

The customers threw coins into our pool – creating ripples and splashes as they did so! We are so grateful to them and to Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s were instrumental in kicking off our “Create a ripple…MAKE A SPLASH!” campaign at the tail end of 2017. The Loose Road store donated 250 tubes of Smarties to us. Each of our staff took one and after ensuring they had eaten the contents, were asked to fill the tubes with as many 20p’s as they could. This raised just under £1,000.00 and was the beginning of the campaign.


We proudly displayed Sainsbury’s support of us at our summer fair! It seems the proud feeling is mutual!

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