It was yet another delivery day from Gallagher today! Two huge piles of boulders and ballast, plus 3 huge bags of type 1, all brought to us by the lovely Dave….THANK YOU. It will all be used to build the water sensory feature in our Sensory Garden – photos of which will follow!


This huge civil engineering company have supplied us with such great things (AND importantly, delivered them to us!!!). We just don’t have the facility to be able to collect three huge (and we mean HUGE) boulders which strike such a pose in our sensory garden – let alone get them in there!


They have also provided all the stuff you can’t see….the wet pour concrete to go under the cabins and tonnes of MOT Type 1 (hardcore to the uninitiated) which forms the base layer of the winding path in the sensory garden and the path in the Memory Garden.

Gallagher slab

One of the cyclists on the London to Paris fundraiser is an employee of Gallagher. Our network of supporters weaves its way around far and near!!