Thank you for all the kind Facebook messages on Teacher Appreciation Day! I have ensured that all our staff received them.

Although only a four day week it has been busy as ever in the Fundraising department:


We received a cheque for £5,300.00 from Brachers yesterday:


We were their charity of choice for 2017-18 and we are their charity of choice again for 2018-19 which is brilliant.

One of their managing partners is a Governor here at school and I met her, along with the 35/40 strong staff committee when I did a presentation to them about our school.

It is so great to be supported by a company with such amazing community spirit.

One of their staff is joining us on the London to Paris bike ride.

This opens yet another avenue of fund raising support.

They also donated a HUGE Eeyore which will be a great raffle prize at the summer fair:


[Why not see what services Brachers provide,]

Our summer fair

Speaking of which – make sure you have Saturday 30 June 2018 in your calendar.

Our summer fair is on from 1 to 3pm.

We have a planning meeting about it on Thursday 17 May at 9.30am at the school (Loose site).

If you would like to get involved we would LOVE to have your help – do come along to the meeting.


We have had plenty more donations from various local businesses and organisations:

  • Lush donated a load more products this week. When they get to end of lines or seasonal products, they now give me a call and I pootle into town and get them. They are used with our ASD students in particular.
  • B&Q continue to inundate us with plants for the site. Our students are carefully potting up and nurturing. Bark chippings are being shipped in faster than we can move them, but move them and use them we will!
  • Plenty of prop making materials are arriving to create “Neverland” for this year’s Woodstock.


Please vote for our school on WellChild.


Leanne and her team worked really hard with the children to get the video made, it would be incredible if we could get them through to the next round of the competition.

Go to

Our school video is the middle one, top row. The children are dressed in green and in the crow’s nest swing (it will make sense when you click on the link).

Watch the video…but don’t forget to vote!

The gazebo

The gazebo, which was started by Santander last week, is being finished by three more volunteers, so, the sensory garden hub is nearly done!

We have more volunteers from Santander coming in next week and yet more days in June with Lloyds bank on site to finish the memory garden.


And finally…

This is just a brief highlight of what has been happening.

You can see lots more news on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Do follow us and like and share as much as possible.

Below is a “poster” about our campaign “Create a ripple…MAKE A SPLASH!” which may incentivise you to get involved or suggest someone or an organisation, who may wish to.

I am always thrilled to hear about any fundraising ideas so do get in contact,

Have a great weekend!