This is our largest project.

With an ambitious target to match.

We are hoping people will ‘create a ripple and make a splash’ to help us raise funds for a vital hydrotherapy pool.

The pool, to be built at our school, will cost £850,000.00.

Our fundraising target for the hydrotherapy pool

And rather than one large fundraising event, we are hoping that lots of smaller endeavours will bring in the £250,000.00 to help us.

We need your help

Can you create a ripple and make a splash?

We are seeking support from local businesses, schools, societies, organisations and individuals to do what they can.

Whether you throw a small pebble or a large stone into a pool of water, the ripple effect created is felt onwards and outwards.

Similarly, whether you can raise £5.00, £50.00 or £5,000.00, the effect will be felt by our children.

Can you help us?

Get in touch with our fundraising manager, Alex Meaders, by:

Our staff are getting involved

The staff of Five Acre Wood School are helping us.

They were all given a tube of Smarties, courtesy of Sainsbury’s, and once they have eaten the treats, they have been charged with filling the tube with 20p pieces.

Our Smarties tubes, helping us MAKE A SPLASH!

We are working hard in the background to raise the remaining £600,000.00 through applications to trusts and charitable foundations.

Pool drawing
Our plans for the hydrotherapy pool